Bengals are wonderful cats that make great pets. If you have a Bengal cat at home, you’ll never have a dull day. However, these wonderful qualities come at a price. You’ll have to take care of your Bengal’s needs if you want to see it running around your house.

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How to Care for Your Bengal



The most important aspect of cat nurturing is its nutrition. When deciding on food for your cat, whether wet or dry, make sure it is approved by your pet.

Furthermore, consult your vet on the quantity of food you’ll need to provide. Make sure your cat doesn’t get overweight because obesity is a serious issue in many cat breeds, including Bengals.



The smooth and glossy coat of your Bengal doesn’t require much grooming. A weekly grooming session is enough for your Bengal to clean off the dander and dead hair.

Bengals vs Water:

You are already aware of the Bengal’s obsession with water and its odd method of drinking it. Normally, you’ll need a dish for your cat to drink water in; however, if you really want to do something special for your beloved Bengal cat, buy it a running water system from your nearby pet store.

If you are buying a running water system, make sure you place it someplace which is water-proof, or else you’ll be left with wet carpets as these little mischief-makers love to splash water and can play with it for hours.



This is an essential aspect of a cat’s mental and physical development. The high intelligence of a Bengal cat demands frequent stimulus, so make sure you devote at least 10 to 15 minutes twice, every day. Make sure you provide enough mentally challenging toys for your Bengal so that it doesn’t get boring.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these cats love to have late-night play fights. So, if you don’t want your cat bothering you the night before your big meeting then make sure it has a playmate.

This playmate does not have to be another Bengal, it can be any cat; even a stray, as long as it is healthy and friendly.